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The Cold Truth

You hear a lot about "ozone" but is it good or bad? Well, that depends on where it is. The ozone layer refers to the ozone within the earth's stratosphere, where more than 90% of the earth's ozone exists. This ozone layer helps protect the earth by absorbing 97 to 99% of the sun's high-frequency ultraviolet light. However, ozone is an irritating, corrosive, colorless gas that you don't want in your home, because exposure to ground-level ozone can lead to shortness of breath and chest pain. Many indoor air quality (IAQ) products such as electronic air cleaners and portable ionic air purifiers produce ozone. Choose an IAQ product that does not produce ozone, such as the Healthy Climate IAQ products from Lennox. This is the industry's first comprehensive line.



At Fire & Ice Heating & Cooling, Inc., we pride our company on reliability, integrity, quality work and affordable service. We service and install all makes and models of heating and cooling systems for residential and commercial jobs, such as boilers, furnaces, rooftop units, A/C, hot water heaters, humidifiers, chimney liners, exhaust fans and hoods, air cleaners, ductwork, custom sheet metal and pipe fitting. We are Licensed, Bonded, Insured, and EPA Certified. Owner has over 20 years experience in the HVAC industry.


A Hot Tip

As much as half of the energy your home uses is spent on heating and cooling. So choosing high-efficiency air conditioning and furnace systems can make a big difference on your home's emissions and your utility bills. Installing an ENERGY STAR® qualified HVAC system can dramatically reduce your energy usage, saving up to 60% on your cooling bills, and up to 40% on heating

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